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As a former long standing Delphi developer (actually I am still maintaining some Delphi projects) I really love the Delphi IDE. Visual Studio is also a fantastic IDE with lots of productivity features. But I always missed "Numbered Bookmarks" of Delphi. This feature really saves time while navigating source code back and forward. Finally I found DPack addin which has Numbered Bookmarks and emulation of some GExperts for Delphi features. DPack is also a free addin, I would recommend thi... [More]

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Implicitly typed local variables introduced in C# 3.0 specification is very cool. Those who used VB and some other scripting languages are familiar with untyped variables and other who used VC++ and Delphi will remember the Variant type. But implicitly typed variables are different in C# 3.0. For example in VB actual type is determined at runtime and that is true for the Variant type too,but the actual type of the implicitly typed local variables are determined during compile time which elimin... [More]

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For a while I am thinking about the Microsoft's support to open source projects. Some news that attracted my attention to this issue were Foundation of CodePlex, open source project hosting web site of Microsoft Ms-PL license developed by Microsoft   Release of .NET Framework libraries  source code . Read more Release of ASP .NET MVC source code. Read more Heritage Microsoft has developed very successfull technologies through history. COM/ActiveX form... [More]

Especially for Windows XP machines after Service Pack 2 (SP2) is installed some WMI related problems can occur due to security updates included in sp2. These problems cause PragmaSQL not to perform license check correctly and as a result application does can not start. Some probable solutions to this WMI related problem are More...

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