aliozgur posted on January 30, 2009 13:10
The sample Ruby code has no syntax errors. What does the code through lines 3-5 mean? And what is printed to the screen/console? Any Suggestions ?    class Sample  attr_writer :name  attr_reader :name do     "Mr. " + @name  endends = = "Ali"puts  

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aliozgur posted on January 26, 2009 09:11
NHibernate, codeproject, test, unit test, integration test, Repository, SQLite, ORM, Object Relational Mapping [More]

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aliozgur posted on January 16, 2009 08:38
NHibernate, Level2, Level-2, Level 2, Lvl2, Cache, caching,unit test, testing, integration testting, C#, MbUnit, NUnit, NH, performance, named queries, query, log, log4net, appender, custom appender, cache hit, cache miss, Ayende, NHProf, NHibernate Profiler [More]

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