PragmaTouch products mTouch and mTouch+ (native iOS app for Moodle) has an increasing popularity and we get lots of spam emails through our "Contact Us" page. As a result using some sort of CAPTCHA was inevitable although I think CAPTCHA's are not user friendly. After evaluating some CAPTCHA implementations I decided to integrate reCAPTCHA to our Cuyahoga powered site. Here are the details More...

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There is already a jQuery LighBox Module for Cuyahoga 1.6 but in my case I have a Cuyahoga 1.5.0 installed with some custom modules and can not use that module. Here are the steps you have to perform to use jQuery LighBox Plugin with a Cuyahoga 1.5.x installation. Dowload jQuery LighBox plugin from here. In your Cuyahoga installation root browse to js folder and create JQueryLightBox folder under that js folder Open jquery.lightbox-0.5.min.js file found in the downloaded package and replac... [More]

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In this article we will extend classes in Cuyahoga.Core.Search namespace in order to provide more generic full text indexing service [More]

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aliozgur posted on February 18, 2008 14:24
Introduction Cuyahoga framework has very nice approach to Web development. It has bunch of built-in modules and you can develop your own modules in a couple of hours. If you have some experience with NHibernate and/or some other web framework your module development may even take less than an hour. My product site PragmaSQL Online runs on top of Cuyahoga framework and it took me just a couple of hours to bring this site up and running. Although Cuyahoga is a very nice framework and I love ... [More]

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aliozgur posted on January 7, 2008 14:15
Issue Tracker module for Cuyahoga Framework [More]

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