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During evolution of .NET related technologies (almost lasted a decade) Microsoft published bunch of experimental technologies, frameworks and packages which caused developers to feel a little bit confused. This confusion made developers feel uncomfortable about the future of these technologies and we simply preferred, to the extent we can survive, not to use new .NET related stuff. We had the feeling that we were fighting to find our way out of a huge dust cloud, I think even Microsoft felt a little bit exhausted and as a result was late to set a clear vision for all these technologies. But with the release of .NET framework 3.0 and 3.5 it seems that Microsoft managed to settle down a clear vision about the future of .NET development. I think next decade (by 2010) we will talk/hear about and develop software based on the following .NET related technologies.

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September 22. 2008 12:32
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Argentina Pablo
November 19. 2008 23:59
Hi, do you now if entity framework it's compatibility with windows CE??

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December 4. 2008 05:37
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you are right.. the packages make me confuse ..
but sadly, i dont have alot of time to monitor the .net technologies..
too cunfusing...

December 6. 2008 00:00
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I agree. For a long time it wasn't clear where things were going. I think and MVC are the future, or is what the future will be based on.

December 25. 2008 01:41
.net technologies is quite interesting to explore. But i am not sure if is is applicable for heavy usage web applications.

January 11. 2009 04:38
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April 11. 2009 18:00
gosip artis
I haven't coded in ASP for awhile now, gonna catch up where I'm behind. Thanks for the post

April 26. 2009 00:33
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hi, do you know where can i learn BE.NET? thanks.

May 8. 2009 10:53
Melayu Boleh
you are right.. the packages make me confuse but it ok

May 22. 2009 01:07
this is so useful for me, thanks.

June 10. 2009 21:22
Melayu Boleh Girl
the technology are always growing fast.

June 19. 2009 10:29
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