We have just finished development of our new product MoodleTouch (mTouch) and will submit mTouch to the AppStore for review next week after we complete our tests. mTouch is the first and only native IPhone application for Moodle and we are already proud of this achievement. We have made extensive use of our JiraTouch experience both on technical side as well as on customer expectations side. mTouch desktop version was born out of our customer expectations experience gained from JiraTouch. Let me explain the details.

Moodle is an open source system, and has lots of customized installations spread all around the world. Moodle does not offer an API for 3rd party clients so you can not simply access a strictly controlled and neat API which you can develop against. To overcome this limitation we use some visual pattern matching techniques to make Moodle output fit on the IPhone, you can think mTouch as a customized somehow intelligent browser for Moodle which is optimized for IPhone screen size and utilizes IPhone UI best practices. As I said visual aspects of each Moodle installation may vary so that these changes may cause mTouch not to play well with some Moodle installations which in turn will bring unhappy students. Students will be unhappy because they will have hard times if they want to get refund from the AppStore, probably this will not even be possible. Students will also be unhappy because they will not be able to access Moodle on a trip and post to a forum which will be closed in just a few minutes. From our side mTouch will be interpreted as an application which works on some Moodle sites but not on others which means bad fame.

So we decided to provide a free Windows version of mTouch so that students can download and play to see if mTouch works properly with their Moodle installation and experience the mTouch capabilities and afterwards decide to buy or not. We did not choose to publish a light/free limited version of mTouch because we want the students to experience all of the mTouch functions before they buy the application.

Check out MoodleTouch site for details

Download mTouch for Windows version

Contact us for more information

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